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The Murena deserves more power, - no doubt about that; and I am sure Matra had several plans for this, however the short life of the Murena is surely the reason Matra never got around to it. Some owners eradicate this by putting in new engines themselves - and I am one of them. My reason for replacing my 1.6 powerplant was however for the largest part to get fuelinjection and easier maintainability, as I use the car to and from work everyday. Winters in Denmark are humid and miserable, which doesn't go very well with Weber carburettors :-). (due to ice formation in the jets)
Over the years I have recieved pictures from several 'convertees', which can be seen on these pages.
I have also recieved a roadtest of two different Peugeot-engined Murenas from Darren Elmslie.

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Alfa-V6/yes, - you can squeeze a lovely Alfa Romeo V6 engine in there :-)

Jos_Evers_V6Another Alfa Romeo 3.0l V6 conversion, owned by Jos Evers "Jos Evers" <>

P1.9-16v/Fraser Stephens's (ex Darren Elmslie) Peugeot 1.9i-16v conversion

P1.9-8v/Brian Smyth's Peugeot 1.9-8v conversion


P1.9i-8v-ls/My own 1983 Murena, converted to Peugeot 205 1.9 8-valve

Murena-Volvo/THeo v/d Munckhof's Murena project, featuring a turbocharged Volvo engine.

Murena with Ford ZetecTim Boyes's Murena, featuring a Ford Zetech 1.8 engine.

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