Matra in Formula-1

In formula-1 the works team was indeed also successful, as Ken Tyrrell's Matra International, team which used the Ford Cosworth engine to power Jackie Stewart to runner-up in 1968 and World Champion in 1969.

During the 70'ies, Matra supplied their V12 engine to the french Formula-1 team Ligier - and in 1981, when regulations made formula-1 engines smaller, the V12 was essentially cut in half, and fitted with twin turbochargers - thereby creating a 1.6 liter 90 degree V6 engine capable of some 550HP or more (up to 700HP). However, political and financial conflicts - not least with Peugeot who had taken over Talbot - ment that this MS82-engine never was raced.

The old V12-MS81 engine was however used by Ligier, driven by Jacques Laffite had good results (2. in Spain and 3rd in Monaco), although they did not win the championship.

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