The Matra M630

In 1968 Matra developed their famous V-12 engine - which brought the company so much succes in their motorsport career. The first car to get the V12 engine installed was the M630 endurance sports prototype - which had its debut in Le-Mans in 1968, where it started with mechanical problems, which sent it down to a 14'th place in the race, but it climbed up to second place before the race ended. However during one of the last pitstops the car caught fire, and allthough the fire was soon put out, the car could not continue.

The picture on the right, shows the M630 with the first version of the V12 engine, where the inlet trumpets were parallel to the "V" in the engineblock, which looks spectacular, although it makes the exhaust-path a bit ackward, which is why the later versions had the trumpets assembled in two near-vertical rows, in the middle between the cylinder banks, giving the same angle for inlet and exhaust in each cylinder. That arrangement also allowed for the invention of the "airbox", which Matra pioneered with the later versions of the M650 (on M670 and onwards it became standard).

M630 Specs

Engine :Matra V-12
(12 cylinder, 48 valve ,4 overhead cams.)
Power : 410HP


Max speed : 330 km/h
0-100 km/h :
fuelcomsumption :

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