The Matra M660

In 1970 Matra entered a single new model at "Le Mans", lighter and more efficient on the aerodynamic level - but retaining the general architecture - the M660. However, this is the period where Matra focused all their energy on Formula-1 (after their F1 World Championship in 1969, with Jackie Stewart driving the Matra-Tyrrell-Ford)

In 1972, the M660 was slightly modified and became the M660C - the suspension travel length was slightly reduced, whereas the body was slightly redesigned concerning the seat and cockpit, to make it conform to the new regulations. In 72 Matra totally withdrew from all GT-races except "Le Mans" in endurance racing/world championship. The M660C - driven by Jabouille and Hobbs - played only a secondary role, as the three new M670 dominated and won the "24 Hours" - but 1 1/2 hours before finish, the M660 actually was in 3'rd place when the gearbox blocked itself beyond repair.

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