Gavnø 1999

Gavnø Classic event - Denmark 20 June 1999

This years event of Gavnø Classic was visited by 8 Matras from the danish Matra Club. The event is a big show in Scandinavia with over 600 classic cars from 1904 until now and takes place at Gavnø Castle placed on a small island south of Zealand. The cars are parked in the very nice park among small lakes, trees and flowers.

The weather was - at arrival to late afternoon - perfect. In the sunshine, which found its way through the tree tops, the cars (except for one. Look at pictures.) was shining as coming directly from the factory. 5 Bagheera's, 2 Murena's and 1 Rancho showed up. Two members without their cars also showed up.

Our chairman had used a part of our common capital to buy bread for breakfast, which made a good start of the arrangement. After the breakfast we spent some time to watch the other cars. Except for the very rare Matra's there were also a 300 SL (all wheels on the ground), 2 Countach'es, Diablo, 348 TB, Testarossa, Merak, Pantera and a extremely rare Bizzarini Stradale. Remember car taxes in Denmark is 200%, so when You look at a single car, you have to imagine three!

To check the flexibility of the Murena I brought my wife in the right side and 6 mth's old daughter in a child's seat in the middle. It's a truely genius concept. During the afternoon, when our daughter got tired, we laid her in the foot compartment where she fell asleep. It was funny to watch the spectators investigating the cars, when they discovered the sleeping girl.

This was my first participation in a Matra meeting. Last years participation was cancelled, because my Murena still couldn't get a new windscreen.

I'm looking forward to more of these arrangements.

Stig Rahbek

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