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25 Djet, 50 M530, 100 Bagheeras, 200 Murenas ....
Mortefontaine, Sep 1997 (LS)

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The Matra people present at Goodwood Festival of Speed, summer 1996 (LS)

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From an article about the big Matra meet at Montlhery 1995. Picture scanned from "Auto Passion" (no permission)

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Matras at Paul Richard

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19960700_Goodwood/The Goodwood Festival of Speed 1996

19970500_French_Car_meet/the French Car meet, Denmark August 1997

19970920_MorteFontaine/The Matra-organized event at MorteFontaine September 1997

19990620_Gavnoe/The Gavnø Classic event, Denmark 20 June 1999

20020814_photosession/A Murena photosession for the Internet Car magazine 14 Aug 2002 .

20040600_Gavnoe/The annual classic-car meeting at Gavnø Castle in Denmark - June 2004.

20050905_LeMans_Story/From Françoise Coeuret - Le Mans Story meeting - september 2005 a lot of Bonnet and Matra Djet , the M650 "tour de france auto with G. Larrousse. Matra's cars took part in "parade bleue de france".

20060902_DK/Pictures from the September 2006 general meeting in the danish Matra Club. I couldn't be there in daylight, so pictures are from Anders Dinsen.

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