3D Matra models

This page contains some Matra-related 3D / Virtual Reality stuff
- use iicm VRweb/VRwavestandalone shareware or CosmoPlayer plugin or similar to watch. Alternatively you can also download the model(s) here and use your favourite 3D authoring program.

I originaly produced the Murena model in a program called "Medit", which was a demo-software running on our Silicon Graphics workstations at work (1995). We were benchmarking a new line of workstations, and I was left alone with the test-machines one evening :-)
The demo was limited to max 1000 polygons, which is why I ended up with a rather flat bonnet etc etc.

I created the model by taking measures on a technical drawing, and running downstairs to the car, to figure out how things were actually done. I then typed in each vertex point (x,y,z) and connected them on screen.
For the same reason, each polygon actually corresponds to a body panel, - which is a VERY good way to learnm just HOW your car was put together in the first place... I learned a lot that evening.

I have since used the model in 3DS and Lightwave - I think the 3DS file format was the most useable. - there was something weird about the scale, as I recall. So if you load it, and nothing appears, try zooming FAR out.

You can download the model(s) in a variety of different formats here

If you find the model fun/useful and maybe even use it to something, please let me know, - I'd like to update this page with these stories.

My 3D model has actually been used to produce this cool 3D "print" by danish Matra-owner Stig Rahbæk who works for a company involved in plastics (coloplast.dk). For several reasons, its just the upper half, but checkout the detailing - even the sidemirrors are there. I'm impressed, - the technique definitely has a lot of future potential.



Thumbnails are scaled to approximately 190 pixels

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(1000x604 1000x604)   

(80kb 510x365)   

(PseudoClass 829x457)   

(PseudoClass 712x506)   

(463x792 463x792)   

(161x98 161x98)   

(PseudoClass 606x328)   

(462x494 462x494)   


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VRML files:

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