The Matra World:

The Matra cars were never produced in huge numbers, but nevertheless there are Matras around all over the world.

As was the very first website about Matra Automobile, I have over the years recieved mails from countless Matra enthusiasts around the world.

In 1998 I had the idea to collect images from these enthusiasts, displaying their car with a famous national heritage item as backdrop. - i.e. A French Matra with la Tour Eiffel as backdrop, or a UK one with Big Ben ?

I presented the idea for Hisashi Masui - and explained that a Japanese Matra-owner for example could take his Murena to a spot where Fujiama would be the backdrop .... and few days after, he emailed me pictures of excactly that! - now , thats swift!.

Unfortunately you cannot say that of the time it has taken me to even start writing this page, but now I've got that far - and only need more people to add info.

Just to find a suitable map was not easy - and I ended up scanning one from a book. Also, as Matra is European (and so am I :-) ), I have used a European viev of the world, which may look quite alien to americans, as "the western hemisphere" is just that: the west half of the map, and not centered ... sorry about that chaps :-) (just kidding)

Some day I might figure out a more intelligent way to present this, but for now will just be a simple clickable map - leading to simple pages with pictures and some country-info.

( - well, actually just now it is just a picture, no active areas or anything ... will happen soon, I promise)