About these web-pages

This site is written and maintained entirely by me (Lennart Sorth, born 1962, Murena owner since 1995), - on a private basis; - I started this all the way back in 1995(!) because I searched the web for Matra information and couldn't believe that nothing was there.

The solution was easy: I simply wrote my own - at that time I hadn't my own web-hotel account, so the public distribution was initially made available through the help of Jaap Horst, a dutch car enthusiast, (especially Bugatti). Jaap has made a great site called www.vintageweb.net (if you have a Bugatti cheap for sale, please contact Jaap ;-) )

Recently (December 2003) Jaap has built 3 new, highly interesting Bugatti websites -which you can find links to on my link-page - and I highly recommend a visit.

Later, as a response on the pages, I was contacted by a former Le-Mans driver, Michael Keyser from whom I over the years have recieved tons of stories, pictures and information - he offerd generously to host my pages, for faster access at least in the US, but it turned out that the server at http://www.platz.com/matra was so fast, that it became the preferred server over the dutch, which by then had a major crash, and we (Jaap and I) decided that it was waste to store things two places, and I offloaded my stuff from there, - keeping pointers in the "Classis Car Archive".

Then came a couple of years of growth and success, the Matra maillist was formed, which gave even more input, and today there are numerous Matra related web sites.

However, as the information grew, I felt bad spending Michael Keysers money (for the server space), and I moved the whole site "home" to Denmark - and I even bought a domainname for it.

The domain : matrasport.dk

So since March 1998, these pages have resided in Denmark, under this domainname.

There are several comments I'd like to make regarding my selection of this name:


The MatraSports pages would not have been possible if it wasn't for these great people:

Michael Keyser (The second site for these pages) - source of many pictures and Le-Mans stories (check out His web-site )
Rick Wilson <rick@maisonblanche.co.uk> LeMans related pictures and info - take a look at his great site: www.maisonblanche.co.uk
Classic Car Picture Archive (The fist site for these pages) run by the Bugatti enthusiast Jaap Horst
Vykie Whipple Webmaster at Platz Mall/Computer Wizardry, Inc. (where these pages resided until March 1998)
"Axel Pankewitz" <axel@pankewitz.de> Author of the German Matra club's homepage
Uni-C Denmark My company, where the site was hosted from 1998 to 2001
Club-Arnage ...
My other life :)
in 2001 I moved the site to my own server - which runs a long list of sites, - mainly : clubarnage.com - THE private site about Le Mans, cooperates with ACO (the organisation that runs the 24H Le Mans race)
davedaviesphoto.com - creator of ClubArnage, now fulltime photographer
sorth.dk - my own website (lots of public photo galleries)

... plus the crowd of enthusiastic Matraciens/ciennes who constantly mail me stories/pictures - I attempt to put the credits under the pictures. If you spot errors or left-outs, please mail me.

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