"Matra pointers - URL's and addresses"

Matra related URL's and addresses

These are some of the Matra related URL's and addresses I have come across, - if you have any additions you would like to see here, feel free to email me.


Matra's own activities:

Matra's general website (since summer 2000)

Matra's website for the P72 model

Snailmail info:

Matra Automobile

Service Informatique

8 avenue Jean d'Alembert
B.P. 2
F-78191 TRAPPES Cedex
Tel : 30 68 30 52
Fax : 30 68 30 99
 Lagardere's own WWW server
 Lagardere's server english version?

  • Matra Communications - worldwide
  • Matra Communications - Denmark
  • Matra in Holland
  • (and so forth)

    The Matra museum:

    Espace Automobiles Matra (musé municipal)
    17 rue des Capucins
    41200 Romorantin
    Tel: (33)
    About 50km east of Tours
    Opens: Monday thru Friday (closed Tuesday) from 0900 to 1200 and from 1400 to 1800. On weekends from 1000 to 1200 and from 1400 to 1800. Closed holidays
    Collection: depicting the history of Matra since 1963 with road, race and sports racing cars on show plus many associated artefacts.
  • Website: www.museematra.com

  • Spares and information :

    Delcourt in Paris : Delcourt M. Delcourt retired, and retired by the end of 2003 ...
    - the entire stock (and phone numbers) is however continued under a

     H.B Pièces Auto in Paris,France

    - Spare-parts for all Matras.
    95340 PERSAN
    Phone : +33 (0) 1 / 30 28 43 04
    FAX : +33 (0) 1 / 30 34 85 51
    Website: http://www.hbpiecesauto.com/
    Email: Contact Jouanny Herve at hbpiecesauto@free.fr - preferably in French. Quoting MatraSport.dk you could be eligable for a 16% discount.
    When Delcourt retired, H.B Pièces bought his entire stock of Matra spareparts, which he himself had bought from Matra when they stopped the production/distribution in 1984.


    Other sources

     Matra Magic

    Bristol, UK
    (NOTE: leading 0 in phonenumbers only when phoning from within UK)
    Phone : +44 (0)117 973 0524
    FAX : +44 (0)117 974 3606
    Website: http://www.matramagic.co.uk/
    Email: will@matramagic.co.uk
    Matramagic can deliver all available spares for all Matra's plus the Peugeot 205 T16.


     Sports Cars Unlimited

    Newcastle, UK
    (NOTE: leading 0 in phonenumbers only when phoning from within UK)
    Phone : +44 (0)01493 748981
    Website: http://www.cascu.co.uk/Start.htm
    Sports Cars Unlimited was the original importer of Matra's to the UK, - they also did some RHD conversions. These days they sell most of their parts over eBay however.



    Lingedijk 12
    4171 KD, Herwijnen
    This Matra garage, owned by Ruud Jong, sells standard cars as well as very interesting conversions, - like the open-top Murena and others.
    Phone : 0345-633448
    FAX : 0345 633498
    Website: http://www.carjoy.nl/
    Email: rcarjoy@kabelfoon.nl


     MATRA Service Simon

    Feldmühlestraße 26
    53859 Niederkassel-Ranzel
    Phone : 02208 / 3031
    FAX : 02208 / 4991
    Website: http://www.simon-auto.de/
    Email: info@simon-auto.de


      Autoteile Roterberg

    - parts for all Matras, Talbots, Simcas and Peugeots.
    Autoteile Roterberg
    By Jürgen Roterberg                                                                                        
    Kreuzstr. 3                                                                                             
    52379 Langerwehe                                                                                        
    Phone : +49 - 2423/406 485
    Phone mobile : +49 - 177 - 5480268
    FAX : +49 - 2423/406 487
    Website: http://www.simcat.net
    Email: Bagheera@freenet.de


    - the original Matra tuner and sparepart source. They were cooperating with Matra to produce several prototypes, - e.g. the Murena 4S and others (like the "Murena Jean Pierre Beltoise"). They thus have lots of specialised bodyparts (you can even upgrade your Murena 2.2 to a 180HP 4S lookalike!). They also stock many original as well as replacement parts ... well worth a visit.
    Website: http://www.politecnic.com


     Konrad Kiefer und Emma Schöndorf G.d.b.R

    Luitpoldplatz 4
    66440 Blieskastel
    Phone : 06842 / 52305
    FAX : 06842 / 536257
    (Got this from Axel Pankewitz)


     MATRA Zentrallager Fa. Franz Hamann

    Industriestraße 27
    89257 Illertissen-Jedesheim
    Phone : 07303 / 2222 or 3653
    FAX : 07303 / 2002
    (Got this from Axel Pankewitz)


     Garage - Garage Verhulst

    Gentsweg 194
    9120 Beveren
    Phone : +32 3 775 74 33
    FAX : +32 3 775 74 37
    Website:  http://www.matraverhulst.be
    In Dutch and French.
    Email1:  garageverhulst@skynet.be
    Email2:  peterverhulst@pandora.be


     Jeroen & Marc Simca specialisten

    Jeroen & Marc
    Waterlelie 23
    Phone: 015 310 7718
    FAX :  
    (Got this at Simca/Talbot meet, Bostalsee 1996)


    Club Addresses

     The Matra Enthusiasts Club/UK

    (which despite the "UK" denotion is open for anyone, - the 'UK" is just to avoid confusion with other countries's clubs). All Matra models are covered
    Clive Nelson - email:clive@automatra.co.uk
    Matra Enthusiasts Club UK
    4 Maplewood Close
    Hants SO40 8WH
    tel: +44 (0)2380 867 804
    fax: +44 (0)2380 873469
    mobile: +44 (0)7836 537 638
    WWW: http://www.matraclub.org.uk/   (with extensive FAQ's)
    webmaster ("Le President") Roy Gillard, roy@matraclub.org.uk

     Matra Club Denmark:

    All Matra models from DJet to Avantime. The club is also open for anyone. Chairman:
    Matra Club Denmark
    v/ Lars Boje Larsen
    Stævnebogårdsvej 16
    7000 Fredericia
    mob + 45 40243502
    EMAIL: matra.club.danmark@gmail.com

     Matra Club Germany

    email: axel@pankewitz.de
    WWW: The german Matra club's homepage

     Club MATRAMANIA, Belgium

    PO Box 29
    1980 Zemst
    0032/ (TEL)
    0032/ (FAX)
    www: http://www.matramania.be

     Simca & Matra Sports Club in the Netherlands (founded in 1980)

    President: Gerard Ulenberg
    Secretary: Jan Wakker
    P.O. Box 4015
    2003 EA Haarlem
    the Netherlands
    email: info@simcamatrasportsclub.nl
    www: http://www.simcamatrasportsclub.nl


    URL's to other clubs:

      The Club D'Jet website (French)
      The Club D'Jet USA website (English) - by Walt Koopman
      Matra Classic Club Italia (in italian)
      Matra Passion Club France - (one of) the French Matra Clubs
      La vitrine de l'Amicale MATRA 530 (in French, if you haven't guessed that already :-) )
      www.centuryinter.net/SIMCA/ - the Simca car club of America

    Personal Matra Tributes :

      http://membres.lycos.fr/orval56/  PROUST & Co - Espace Forum (in French)

      http://matrasports.ifrance.com/  French page with lots of pictures and info - nicely organised

      http://home.online.no/~utinglum/index.cfm  Murena pages (including V6) by Ulf Tinglum in Norway

     http://www.espace-murena.com  Excellent Murena register by Pascal Deplanques - also access to a good part of the micro-fiche documentation for the Murena

      http://www.avantime-gallery.org  a lovely Avantime tribute and gallery, run by Holger Schulzen (in english)

      http://www.matrarama.com  portal to clubs and personal sites by Alain Coldre (French and english)

      http://www.matra-murena.nl  Robi Rizvic's Murena site (Dutch and english)

      http://www.whpracing.nl/  Team W.H.P. Racing - a Dutch Murena used for racing

      http://www.euronet.nl/~wilaben/  Great list of Matra resources - including a very useful Murena 2.2 electrical map

      http://www.geocities.com/murenas/Index.htm  French Matra site - Many hard facts about the 'Murena S' models I never knew.

      http://www.proustandco.org/forum/index.php  French Espace forum

      http://www.chez.com/matrajet/  French Matra Djet site by jderons@ireste.fr

      http://www.taskfr.com/agora/club20/default.asp  French Matra Murena site by Claude Carlier

      http://welcome.to/simcamatra   Simca/Matra site by Yoka de Jong <jjong@iname.com>

      http://welcome.to/murena Matra Murena Home (note the URL :-) ) By:<hammmer@dds.nl>

      Theo's Matra pages - By Theo v/d Munckhof <Theo_nr1@yahoo.com>

      http://www.michaelfaust.de - German Murena page, with lots of good technical info - By michael@michaelfaust.de;

      An italian Matra page - By Paolo Lucchesi <plucchesi@videobank.it>

      An A site about the Saier Murena-based BMW M1 replica

    Matra motorsport related

    Henri Pescarolo's web-site - see what Henri is up to these days
    Dave Davies's great site about Le Mans - not coverage from Matra-era, but interesting anyway

    Other related URL's

      "CarBibles excellent info on tyres/alloys and dimensions - includes a javascript calculator

      "tyres-online.co.uk techinfo on alloy sizes and dimensions

      "West of Sweden SAAB & Jaguar " (eg tuning of the Ford V4 also used in Saab 96

      An article about Matra, from the 1970 book "AUTOMOBILE YEAR"

      Jaap Horst's Vintage Web ( http://www.vintageweb.net/ )
      Jaap Horst's BugattiAircraft Pages ( http://www.bugattiaircraft.com/ )
      Jaap Horst's BugattiRevue Pages ( http://www.bugattirevue.com/ )
      Jaap Horst's BugattiPage site ( http://www.bugattipage.com/ ) - not Matra, but just as interesting, go see for yourself.

    Matra is also a wine district in Hungary (what about that !? :-) - this info used to be reachable at http://www.eunet.hu/egervin/product.htm - but apparently no longer.


    Other Motorsport resources on the Web:

  • Michael Keyser's "Autosport Marketing Assosiates, Ltd."
  • Checkout Michael Keysers new book (November 1999) about Steve McQueen and the making of the movie "Le Mans" - its got a chapter on Matra as well:

  • Michael Keyser's great LINKS page
  • Brian Redman's "Jefferson 500" (historic race) (auth by Michael Keyser)
  • TerrificStuff.co.uk - Videos, DVD's books - many high-quality perls can be found here.
  • Andy's Talbot-Sunbeam website. (in German and English)
  • Getfaster.com - a website with many tips on motorracing, and many good links
  • AutoZine a great online magazine of enthusiast cars - old and new.
  • The fabulous Classic Car Picture Archive - by Jaap Horst
  • The Vintage Web
  • Historical MotorSport in Denmark (currently only in danish)
  • The Ferrari Web
  • The Lamborghini Web
  • ISP:International Sports Prototypes
  • Motorsport.com 'Pick-6' competition

  • Lennart Sorth -
    email: Lennart.Sorth@matrasport.dk