The Matra M670

In 1972, Matra gave priority to Formula-1 for the third year running. By limiting its endurance-race participation to the "24 hours of Le Mans" only, Matra let the game open for Ferrari, armed with the 312PB (boxer) in the world championship.

It was with this knowledge of the title being almost in house anyway, Ferrari abandoned "Le Mans", a week before the race.
Faced to the opposition of three Alfa Romeo 33 TT3 and two Lola T280, Matra refound itself in the favourite position, with four cars enrolled: the much spoken about M660 , and three brand new M670's

It was thus not surprising that the Matra M670's (with the numbers 14 and 15 on the bonnet) were in the lead.

However, while in the lead, Howden Ganley passed slowly in the Hunaudières... - He had been surprised by a violent thunderstorm with dry-weather tires mounted, and was then hit by the Corvette of Marie-Claude Beaumont. The engine-cover was ripped open, and the rear suspension rearranged. Ganley managed anyway to continue to the pits and finished second. The Matra-Simca MS670 #15 piloted by H.Pescarolo and G.Hill took the first place.

In 1973 and 1974 the M670 was victorious again - as the MS670B of H.Pescarolo & G.Larrousse won both years, thereby establishing Matra's "hat-trick" of 3 consecutive wins at Le-Mans.

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